Carry Clip.
The no bulk alternative way to carry an extra magazine for your pistol...
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First things first. We need to talk about which side of the magazine you want the Carry Clip to come up on.

A left side Carry Clip will come up between the thumb and pistol for a right handed user. Which to me seems correct.
But that means that the rounds are facing backwards in your pocket.
This is not the traditional way of carrying a magazine.
For a right hander to have the rounds forward, the Carry Clip will be between your palm and the pistol. (right side Carry Clip)

I have right handed customers who have used it both ways and some like the left and others like the right.

It doesn't have anything to do with being right or left handed, but which side of the magazine the Carry Clip is mounted on.

A right handed shooter could use either left or right Carry Clips, it just personal preference as to if the Carry Clip is on the thumb side of the gun, or the palm side. And if the rounds face forward or the rear when in the pocket.

A right side Carry Clip come up on the right side of the magazine. A left side Carry Clip is on the left.

As with any firearm or firearm accessory, you are only as good with it as your training. So practice with, use and become familiar with your Carry Clip.

So think about which side will be best for you.
All Carry Clips are available in Left or Right side configuration.
LCP (works with or without finger extension)
LC9 (works only with flat magazine bottom, Finger extension magazine must be modified)

Smith & Wesson
(stock magazine with finger extension must be modified to fit. Promag magazines don't have to be modified)
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Kel Tec

We can custom make a Carry Clip for most semi-auto pistols.
(works only with flat magazine bottom, Finger extension magazine must be modified)